Navigating through the home health care delivery system can be very challenging. We usually do not plan on home care, but before we know it, we are faced with having to make many decisions and have little or no understanding of what it all means.

Home health care refers to a wide-variety of health and support services delivered to patients in their homes. Services assist young mothers and their newborns to those of any age who are chronically ill or recovering from acute illness or surgery.

Examples of patients receiving home health care include those who are homebound* and who have, or have had: a recent hospitalization, outpatient surgery, a temporary or long-term disability, require home therapy after a fall or injury, need treatment for non-healing wounds, or have a chronic illness.

Usually home health care is a team approach, utilizing the services of skilled professionals, such as registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical social workers, wound care specialists, and many other disciplines. In addition, home health aides are also available for patients requiring assistance in daily living skills, such as dressing and feeding.

Home Health Care agencies are able to deliver cost effective services by reducing hospital stays and re-admission to the hospital, and preventing or delaying care in a nursing home.

*Homebound means that leaving home is a taxing effort for the patient. A homebound patient may be able to leave the home only for infrequent or short trips, such as going to a medical appointment(s), attedance at adult day care, going to a religious service or an occasional family event. Patients who drive themselves or leave home to participate in recreational regular activities (such as attending programs at the senior center) are not considered homebound. A patient may be considered temporarily homebound while recovering from surgery, serious illness, or trauma.

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