Skilled Nursing

Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice provides skilled nursing services to help patients heal at home and reclaim their independence. When a physician writes an order for home health care services, one of our registered nurses will visit the patient’s home to do an initial assessment. During this comprehensive visit, the nurse will ask the patient questions about his/her discharge instructions, diagnosis, symptoms, medications and more. The initial assessment helps the nurse to begin to build the patient’s plan of care. This plan includes details about the home health care services that the patient needs, such as skilled nursing, medication setup and education, physical assessments, and disease management education. In addition, the nurse will assess for additional home health care services needed from other team members, such as therapy or home health aide care; the frequency of visits, and the length of time that the patient is expected to be under the care of our agency. 
The goal of skilled nursing is not only to provide nursing care for the patient, but also to increase patient and caregiver knowledge of the disease and steps toward recovery, ensure that the patient and caregiver understand the medication regiment, and decrease the chance that the patient will have to return to the hospital or emergency room.


Physical Therapy

Our agency provides physical therapy services to improve patients’ independence at home and to treat a wide range of patient needs. Physical therapists help patients regain strength and mobility after an accident, fall, surgery or illness. Patients are taught therapeutic exercises to improve their balance and gait as well as transfer safely. The physical therapist also recommends adaptive equipment to aid the patient in achieving goals.

The patient’s home is also assessed and the physical therapist, as well as the occupational therapist, make recommendations and suggestions to provide a safe and risk-free environment. Families and caregivers are also taught exercises and techniques that can assist the patient.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps individuals who have physical, developmental, social or emotional limitations that prevent them from performing the general activities of daily living. The occupational therapist focuses on helping patients improve motor skills needed for functioning in living and working environments. They instruct patients on using special techniques and equipment to improve function in basic household tasks, such as eating, bathing and dressing. The goal of this therapy is to assist the patient in becoming as independent as possible. The services provided by the occupational therapist include assessment and evaluation of fine motor activity and treatment to improve function, instruction and training on dressing, meal preparation and other activities of daily living, and upper body strengthening.

Speech Therapy

Patients with communication and swallowing conditions can receive a variety of speech therapy services to enhance their independence and quality of life. Hallmark Health VNA and Hospice’s speech therapists concentrate on swallowing and speech issues resulting from an illness or injury. Their expertise and guidance assists the patient in restoring and developing skills that have been weakened or compromised. The speech therapist also offers the patient support and education.

Medical Social Work

Our medical social workers play a valuable role in home health care, assessing the patient’s psychological state and the ability to function in his current social environment. The social worker works closely with the patient and family to provide a supportive home care system in order to ensure safety, comfort, and attention to patient and caregiver needs. Medical social workers assist the patient and family in a variety of ways by helping patient’s obtain financial assistance, home-delivered meals or address emotional needs.

Home Health Aides

Our certified home health aides are available to help patients conduct activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation, during their course of homecare treatment. Home health aide services include assisting patients with personal care needs, such as bathing, mouth care, shampoo and hair care, transferring, dressing and undressing; help with simple prescribed exercises; provide light housekeeping support; companionship and socialization. The home health aide is a key member of the home healthcare team and works closely with highly skilled clinicians to ensure a team approach. All care is provided under the supervision of a registered nurse or therapist.

In addition, many of our aides are certified in caring for hospice patients, and patients with dementia-related illnesses.