Our telehealth program is simple to use and is designed for patients and families to utilize in their homes. Telehealth is a service available to assist patients who need regular monitoring of vital signs and symptoms. It allows for early intervention in patient care, more informed decision making in patient management, greater patient self-care, and reduced risk of repeated hospital admissions and Emergency Room visits.

The telehealth system collects the patient’s vital signs daily (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood sugars, and body weight), and transmits the information to registered nurses at our Monitoring Center. The telehealth program supports patient learning through specific teaching sessions, telephone guidance and reminders about medications or prescribed dietary restrictions.

The small unit includes a blood pressure cuff that can be put on with one hand, oxygen saturation sensor, and a scale. A glucometer can also be connected. The data collection takes about three minutes.

Daily monitoring allows early identification of a change in health status, and may prevent a chronic condition from escalating into something more serious. If an abnormality is detected, the Monitoring Center Nurse calls the patient to conduct an assessment, provide education, and determine if there is a need for a home nursing visit or if the patient’s physician should be contacted.

Recommended Criteria for Monitoring at Home:

•Recent hospitalizations or Emergency Room visits
•Any condition requiring frequent monitoring or trending of health data to facilitate clinical management, such as patients recovering from CHF, MI, and cardiac surgery
•Dealing with chronic illness, such as diabetes or COPD
•History of difficulty adhering to diet, medications, or self-monitoring

Services Provided Include:

•In home installation of equipment
•In home training on use of equipment for patient and family
•Daily monitoring by clinician of vital sign data
•Follow-up telephone call and teaching to patient when necessary
•Follow-up telephone call to physician when necessary
•Weekly and as needed trends faxed to the physician

Program Goals:

•Prevent re-hospitalizations
•Help avoid further debilitating symptoms
•Ensure patient compliance with care plan
•Help patients manage their disease

Individual/Family Benefits:

•Provides a sense of security knowing that a healthcare professional is monitoring patient’s health status daily
•Reduces unnecessary Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations
•Encourages self-management and adherence to care plan

Physician Benefits:

•Customized to meet specific disease/chronic management needs
•Complete, objective clinical and subjective data is available upon request
•Allows preemptive care, supporting adjustments to treatment plan or medications
•Reinforces patient education and compliance to treatment plan
•Breaks the cycle of emergency care and hospital re-admissions
•Supports documentation of time spent on care plan oversight

Discharge Planner Benefits:

•Provides a solution for discharges for patients who are fragile, non-compliant, or without a support system
•Reduces repeat Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations

Costs of Home Health Monitoring:

All eligible patients who are referred to our agency for home healthcare services and meet the selection criteria will be monitored at no cost. Other individuals have the option of being monitored at a nominal fee.

Patients have the options to continue telehealth on a private pay basis upon discharge from skilled care services.

To Refer or for further information, please call our Intake Department at (781) 338-7900.