Maternal-Infant visits are designed to provide direct care, support and teaching, and intervention for mothers and children.

Our team consists of highly skilled registered nurses who are specially trained to promote maternal self-care and infant/child care, assess and monitor the child’s growth and development, assess and monitor maternal physical and emotional changes, foster parent and infant/child relationships, assess and provide education on parenting, child growth and development, and sibling issues.

Prenatal Program
•Skilled Nursing Assessment
•Skilled Nursing Teaching and Support
•Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Assessment and Monitoring
•Gestational Diabetes
•High Risk Pregnancy
•Mother-Baby Assessment
•Mother-Baby Teaching and Support
•Early Maternity Discharges
•Breast Feeding Support

Pediatric Program
•Skilled Pediatric Nursing Assessment
•Teaching and Support
•Quality, Family-Focused Care
•Medical Social Services
•Enteral Therapy
•Asthma Program
•Lead Program

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