Hallmark Health Lifeline is an emergency response system designed to give subscribers the confidence to continue to live independently in their home. Lifeline does this by ensuring that subscribers know that whenever they need help, it is just a button push away.

To call for help, subscribers simply press a Personal Help Button that the subscriber wears as a pendant or on a wristband. This button activates a small in-house communicator that automatically dials the Lifeline Call Center. Highly-trained representatives, with interpreter services available, man the Center. Each subscriber has a health information and designator responder list that is immediately accessed once the help request comes into the Lifeline Call Center. Within seconds, a Lifeline representative will answer the subscriber’s call. Subscribers may call to inform the representative of a minor problem that only requires a neighbor to stop by—or an ambulance if needed.

Whatever the subscriber’s need, Lifeline responds quickly. All the subscriber’s important information is immediately available to the Lifeline representative answering the call, so the type of help needed is quickly determined.

The Lifeline system has a highly sensitive speakerphone that lets the representative speak to the subscriber, even if the subscriber cannot get to the telephone. If the subscriber presses the button and cannot speak, the Lifeline representative will quickly send help.

Hallmark Health Lifeline with AutoAlert. Enjoy the benefits of our standard service plus an added layer of protection. This option is the only pendant style help button that calls for help, if a fall is detected and you are unable to push your help button.

The Hallmark Health Medication Dispensing Service helps you manage your medications without worry or confusion. A nurse or loved one fills the unit with up to 60 doses of medication and programs it to dispense the correct medication at the correct time of day. An alarm alerts you when it is time for medication.

Why Choose Hallmark Health Lifeline?

•Hallmark Health Lifeline has been serving the Greater Boston/northern suburbs for more than thirty years.
•Subscribers rate Hallmark Health Lifeline “excellent” in all areas, and praise the staff’s expertise and customer service.
•Our Lifeline Program is one of the largest in the state, serving close to 3,000 subscribers.
•We have a reputation for excellence, and referral sources choose us as a primary emergency response provider.
•We are a provider of Philips Lifeline Equipment, a leader in innovative technology.

Why Lifeline?

•Allows for subscribers to remain at home safely.
•Assures for greater independence and security for the user.
•Provides peace of mind for the subscriber and subscriber’s family.
•Improves outcomes by ensuring early intervention when an accident occurs.
•Can postpone the need for long term care.

For Further Information:

If you would like Lifeline or have further questions, please complete the following form and a representative will contact you. You can also call Hallmark Health Lifeline at (800) 242-1306, x4939 or (781) 338-7215 or 338-7216.


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