The Hospice Program of Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice focuses on the final season of life by making each moment as comfortable and as meaningful as possible for the patient. Hospice does not seek to cure, but rather seeks to care.

Hospice offers comfort, compassion, and dignity to those with life-limiting illnesses. Hospice adds “life” to a patient’s remaining days. At the same time, hospice provides needed support and understanding to the patient’s family to help them through this difficult time.

Hospice is not for every dying person or every family. For the patient with a life-limiting illness, choosing hospice care may be an important step toward accepting the ultimate outcome of death. The hospice staff works together to help the patient get through this emotional hurdle. The staff also works with the patient’s family to live through this difficult time by providing needed support and understanding. We respect and value the patient’s individual beliefs and do everything possible to ensure that the patient’s desires are being honored.