Hallmark Health VNA and Hospice offers a Diabetes Management Program that combines patient education and early intervention practices in a proactive approach to managing symptoms at home. Our program is designed to help patients manage their diabetes more effectively day to day in order to prevent potentially serious long-term complications such as heart disease, stroke, amputation, kidney disease, neurological complications, vascular disease and eye disease. 

Key to the success of the program is consistent monitoring of the patient’s blood sugar levels by utilizing our Telehealth Program in conjunction with the patient’s glucometer. Telehealth allows the patient to send blood sugar readings to our agency’s central monitoring station, where a nurse can review and track this data to identify patterns in blood sugar level changes and prevent problems that might require emergency treatment or hospitalization.

Our Diabetes Management Program can help reduce visits to the physician office and Emergency Room, eliminate multiple telephone calls to the primary physician, improve the patient’s overall health by controlling risk factors, and provide peace of mind to the patient and caregiver.

In addition to our Telehealth Program, we have developed a comprehensive Diabetes Education Tool for patients and their caregivers. We also have an expert Skin and Wound Care team to assist the diabetic patient in wound healing.

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